Benefits of Membership 

NSHE is an exceptional value. A typical Nebraska Society of Healthcare Engineers meeting provides our members with:

Member Benefits

  • Time to network with vendors and healthcare providers. Networking provides our members the opportunities to learn of the concerns of people responsible for environments of care issues in healthcare facilities and for vendors to inform our healthcare members of their services, equipment, and processes that might assist them in best business practices.
  • Training on the Principals of Business Management. In addition to technical training, our education program recognizes the need for developing the professional skills of our members. Our topics in this area better prepare our members to understand the terminology so commonly used by their administration. It assists them in gaining the skills needed to develop an effective business plan for their department and support the personnel and capital needed to make their department a success.

Responsibilities of Membership

Healthcare Members are required to:

  • Support our educational program by providing meeting space and lunch during the scheduled meeting.
  • Recognize the value of our sessions and have their Administrations support the efforts of their staff to attend our meeting sessions on a regular basis.

Associate Members and Vendor Members are required to:

  • Provide educational content for the benefit of our membership in a “non-marketing” way. NSHE does not recommend or suggest to our healthcare members the use of any product, service, or process our Vendors represent. We encourage our Vendors to present topics of interest to those people responsible for environments of care in a professional way.
  • Be a resource to our healthcare members for questions and information about things that would be of help to their organization.

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