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 Subject : Covid-19 Patient Preparations.. 03/25/2020 05:03:57 PM 
Dave Patterson
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I'd like to know what challenges other hospitals are having in their preparations for the potential surge of patients. The NSHE membership is a resource for advice and resources as we all face this unprecedented developing situation.

At Bryan, we are converting ICU and PCU units to 100% outside air so we can exhaust all return air. We feel the challenge will be cooling capacity when temperatures/humidities rise. Don't have a good solution right now. Any thoughts?

We are also evaluating medical air capacity and ensuring equipment is in reliable shape with spare parts. Anything else we can do?
David Patterson
Manager, Engineering
Bryan Health
 Subject : Re:Covid-19 Patient Preparations.. 06/03/2020 01:03:04 PM 
Clark Collett
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Though hospitals have currently had enough capacity, that could quickly change with current events that have been taking place. You could consider using Portable Hepa air filtration units, used for construction projects to create a negative air room, with air being exhausted back into the normal room air return ducts. A variable speed control on the filter would be best for being able to do a quick balancing of the pressures. If you have any of the construction doorway isolation units, this would also provide an anti-room into the patient room. This does not create a true isolation room, but could be used to keep the room negative, while ensuring that exhausted air has been safely filtered. Not ideal, but an improvement.
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